'Parametric equaliser' Guitar Fx VST Plugin

This allows control of frequency response with four bandpass filters and two shelving filters.

Parametric equalisers are similar to graphic equalisers, except that graphic equalisers have fixed frequency filters, whereas parametric equalisers have few filters, but where the frequency of each can be changed.

At the bottom of the band is a shelving filter with settable gain/loss and frequency. Then there are four bandpass filters with settable gain/loss, frequency and Q (sharpness), and finally a shelving filter at the top of the band with settable gain loss and frequency. The actually frequency response is viewable on the graph.

As can be seen, complex frequency responses can be created.


Interface VST 2.4
Inputs 1
Outputs 1
Programs 4
MIDI I/P 'program' supported? Yes
MIDI I/P 'control'? No

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