'Compressor' Guitar Fx VST Plugin

This Fx compresses an input signal with a settable compression law.

The principle of operation is that the level of the input signal is measured, and that level is used to set the 'gain' to produce the output signal. Because the gain varies quite slowly significant distortion is not produced. The 'law' is the curve used to produce the input to output gain. As well as that the attack and decay response (how fast the gain can change as the input signal rises and falls respectively) is also a parameter.

The input gain, the law and the attack/decay time constants are all settable. The graph shows the compression 'law'. To add a point to the curve, click on the curve and a new point will appear, to move it, click on a point and drag it, to remove one drag it off the graph.

In this case, the input gain is set to +1dB, the law has reduced the output signal to zero when the input is below about -50bB (noise gate), then provides some boost at low levels and compression at higher levels. The attack time constant is 1mS (fast) and the decay is 1S (slow).


Interface VST 2.4
Inputs 1
Outputs 1
Programs 4
MIDI I/P 'program' supported? Yes
MIDI I/P 'control'? No

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