'Chorus' Guitar Fx VST Plugin

This Fx produces the chorus, flanging or vibrato effect.

The basic principle is the same in all cases: the input signal is split, one path goes straight through, the other (possibly split several times) is/are processed, then they are recombined. For chorus a varying delay of 20-40mS is applied to the processed channel, for flanging the delay is 1-10mS and some of the signal is usually fed back. For a vibrato of 'Leslie' effect only the processed (wet) path is used.

The maximum delay, the depth (how much of the delay is actually used), the frequency for varying the depth, the type of oscillator waveform used, the amount of feedback and the dry/wet signal blend are all settable.

In this case the maximum delay is 8mS, only 16% of it is being used (6.7mS to 8.0mS), the oscillator for varying it is a triangular waveform at 0.6Hz, 90% of the processed signal is fed back and the processed 'wet' signal is combined 6dB below the non-processed signal.

The LFO frequency can be set by tapping on the 'tap' button.


Interface VST 2.4
Inputs 1
Outputs 1
Programs 6
MIDI I/P 'program' supported? Yes
MIDI I/P 'control'? No

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