'Bandpass' Guitar Fx VST Plugin

This Fx splits a single incoming signal into two bands to produce two outputs. One band is from a bandpass filter and the other is the remainder.

The real use of this is when combined with other effects. For instance you may wish to compress different frequences by different degrees. If so, split the signal using this, feed each output into a compressor and set the degree of compression, then recombine the outputs.

NOTE - requires a VST Host that allows network connection of input and outputs

The bandpass centre frequency and Q (sharpness) are settable and the frequency response is displayed in the user interface.

In this case the bandpass centre is 416Hz, and its Q is 0.9.


Interface VST 2.4
Inputs 1
Outputs 2 (1: bandpass band, 2: remainder)
Programs 4
MIDI I/P 'program' supported? Yes
MIDI I/P 'control'? No

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