Musical Instrument Tuner 1.1

For PDAs running Pocket PC 2003, desktop PCs and VST hosts

Musical Instrument Tuner does just exactly what it says - it helps you tune musical instruments.

It uses sophisticated digital signal processing technology to provide a chromatic tuner that is not tied to any particular instrument, so it works equally well with guitars, flutes or pianos etc. It can detect any note over the note range A (octave 0) to A (octave 6) - the range of a piano.

The tuner just uses the microphone (or line in) on your PDA. It is very simple to use - just point the microphone at the instrument, sound a note and the screen then shows you what note it is, and how close it is to being exactly on that note.

Here it is shown detecting C# in the second octave, and that the note is actually 9% too sharp.

As well as that, if you prefer to tune this way, the tuner can make the sound of any note over the whole range:

Just select 'Sound' from the menu, then use the red up and down arrows on the touch screen to select the octave, touch a key to select the note, press the 'toggle' button and there out comes the sound.

Here it is shown ready to sound D# in the third octave whever the toggle button is pressed.


This is more than just a PDA tuner - included is a version that runs on your desktop or laptop PC, and a version that can act as a VST plugin. You get all of them! (NOTE - all versions detect notes, but only the PDA version can sound notes.)

All that for 7.99!

The system requirements are:

The tuner is 'shareware' (there are limitations on the unregistered versions). To download, click here for the PDA version, click here for the desktop version, and click here for VST plugin.

To install:

The limitations on the unregistered version are:

Restarting the applications recovers full functionality.

All versions are copyright Nightshade Arts and may not be built into other commercial applications without explicit permission.

Try it out! If you like it, you can then purchase and register it, unlocking its full potential. To purchase, click here. We recommend that you always 'try first' before purchase.

(c) Nightshade Arts 2008
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